Software & Cyber Security

Viruses, hackers, and corporate espionage are sadly an hourly reality in an online world. To stay one step ahead of unwanted intruders, software vendors regularly release new security patches and virus protection software is also constantly updated. However with multiple security solutions in place, unexpected gaps can open up if updates aren’t applied consistently or your solutions don’t work effectively together.

TARDUS can design and implement efficient network security systems and processes to protect your business IT and communications from unwanted intrusion.

Our team recognises the challenges faced by organisations in securely and efficiently managing passwords, authentication methods and account provisioning. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to create and implement an enterprise-class identity and access management solution, designed for your organisation.

Our specialist consultants will work with you and your existing IT infrastructure throughout all stages of an access/identity management project including:

  • Business analysis and complementary gap analysis
  • Product selection, design and integration
  • Proof of concept projects
  • Specialist project management
  • Technical design, testing and implementation
  • Rollout and handover
  • Ongoing production operations and monitoring

We’ll deliver a customised solution to address your cyber security challenges as well as your broader business goals and requirements, delivering the best experience for both your organisation and your consumers.